About Cook Islands

15 Nov 2013

The Cook Islands consist of a group of fifteen Islands, scattered over 2.2million square kilometers of ocean. Rarotonga is the capital with the largest population. The total population of the Cook Islands is 17,500.

The people of the Cook Islands are Polynesian, and they have close links with Tahiti. Over the years there has been a good deal of intermarriage with people of other cultures, and many Cook Islanders today have European ancestry as well as Polynesian. There is also a small percentage of people from other ethnic groups in the Cook Islands.

An outstanding feature of the Cook Islands at present is the mobility of peoples. Many have migrated to New Zealand, Australia and many countries in the world.

The Cluny Sisters are involved in:

  • St Joseph Primary School
  • Catholic Secondary School (Nukutere College)
  • Parish Sacramental Programs
  • Parish Pastoral Work
  • Bishop’s office administration


Sr Lusiana Matai
Sr Teresa Momoyalewa
Sr Elizabeth Borwne-Russell

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