25 Oct 2013

The life of a Cluny sister is one that is centered in God, with whom we enter into an ever-deepening relationship, nourished by daily prayer and a life-time of responding to God's call within our lives.

As woman within the church we try to live the spirit of our foundress Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey.

Contemplation Mission

We live in community where we help and support one another, sharing all that makes up our life. Friendship is important to us.

Anne Marie’s driving passion was to seek and do God’s Holy Will and thereby do a little good wherever the need. We her followers, strive therefore to be completely available to the mission with a particular desire to liberate those oppressed in anyway, giving witness to Jesus Christ and His Church in the gift of our lives. This passion can only be achieved by a life lived in constant union with God, as Jesus, Mary and Joseph did. We therefore strive:

  • To stand as counter witness to the spirit of our day and age.
  • To search for God’s Will in the challenges of today’s world.
  • To risk everything in complete confidence in order to announce Jesus Christ.
  • To believe in the dignity of the poorest and work to promote freedom from oppression.